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Universidad Fidélitas is a mid-size private university, established in 1980 and based in San José, Costa Rica, specialized in STEM fields with three modern campus.

Our academic STEM programs include undergraduate, graduate, associate degree and certificate programs in Civil, Electrical, Industrial, Computing Systems, Electro-Mechanical, Supply Chain and Telecommunication Engineering. We also have schools of Law, Advertising and Graphic Design, Psychology, Business Administration, Accounting and Economics.

Costa Rica Global STEM (GSP) Program offers a study abroad opportunity that combines high technology internship with strong academic learning objectives, besides learning technical Spanish, and some leisure time at the beach or in the tropical forest. GSP is a faculty-led program in which the visiting faculty has the chance to present and teach their students while also lecturing to local professionals in their field. Local experts and CEOs also teach in the program.

Costa Rica Global STEM Program is a two-week cultural immersion program, which includes the internship in the mornings and Spanish classes and presentations in the afternoon, and living with a Costa Rican family during that period.

Costa Rica Global STEM Program offers a wide array of experiences, for students from different majors:

Light Manufacturing

The Light Manufacturing (LM) experience is designed for students that want to gain deeper understanding of the technological and socio-cultural aspects that makes Costa Rica a strategic country for multinational light manufacturing companies.

Industrial Technology

The Industrial Technology experience (ITP) offers a robust on-site experience in the medical devices industry. Hosting six of the world´s largest medical devices companies, the ITP serves as a unique opportunity to visit, share and explore why Costa Rica is home of companies developing cardiac valves, Botox, eye contacts lenses, to name a few.

Environmental Engineering

Hosting 5% of Earth´s Bio-Diversity makes of Costa Rica the ideal setting for this program. Students come to learn how engineers deal with project development issues with regard to environmental conservation laws and community impact, while visiting state of the art, projects in an environmentally friendly country.

Clean and Renewable Energy

Costa Rica stands as a clean and renewable electric generation model using water, geothermal, wind energy, biomass and solar resources. Come and see why Costa Rica has 99, 43% of renewable electric generation, visit the main wind energy production facility in Central America and the Caribbean. Tour the geothermal facility, which is the 3rd in geothermal capacity in the continent. Learn how Costa Rica can live over 300 days with clean and renewable energies.

¿Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is small yet big as it hosts 5% of the world´s bio diversity and more than 300 multinational companies, besides being home of six of the twenty world´s largest medical devices companies.

Business Analytics in Services and Manufacturing Industry

Get to know the strategic planning and decision-making processes that apply to the manufacturing and services industry in Costa Rica. Learn on site the most boosting and evidence-based decision- making process and the socio-economic frame that makes Costa Rica a leader in services industry.

Supply Chain Management

Have the opportunity to get involved in the chain of activities that maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in a developing income country like Costa Rica. Have an on-site discussion with the industry leaders and plant managers and try to unveil Costa Rica supply chain management style.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Learn the challenges, the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur in Costa Rica and Latin America. Participate in discussions about launching a startup in a small market such as Costa Rican. Meet local artisans as well as some of the most successful startup CEOs, and learn from their experiences, through a Q/A session.

Block Chain

Immerse yourself in this relatively emergent field and understand the global urgent need that organizations have to track an entire process: from production to customer. Meet some of Costa Rica´s most prominent Block Chain companies and learn how they are revolutionizing the block chain application to the health field, for instance.

Costa Rica´s CV *:

  1. More than 300 multinational companies in services industry, medical devices, aesthetics, optics, automotive, electronic components, tele communications, eco and clean tech, electronic assemblies, distribution, textiles, food industry, digital technologies and bio-tech companies (CINDE, FDI agency).
  2. #1 Education System in Latin America (World Economic Forum Report 2017-2018).
  3. STEM fact: #1 in Math and Science education in Latin America ((World Economic Forum Report 2017-2018).
  4. #1 in innovation in Latin America (Global Innovation Index, World Economic Forum 2017).
  5. #1 in Innovation Efficiency (Global Competitiveness Report 2017)
  6. #1 in English proficiency in Latin America (World Economic Forum Report 2017-2018).
  7. Costa Rica abolished the army in 1948.
  8. #2 in Democracy Index and political stability in Latin America.
  9. San José is the #1 safest city in Latin America (The Economist, Intelligence Unit, 2017).
  10. 99.43% of national electricity coverage.
  11. San Jose – Heredia are #1 cities in LATAM in Manufacturing, and Business and Financial Services; and top 5 in Transportation and Logistics, IT and communications (The World’s Most Competitive Cities 2017, Conway).

*As cited by Costa Rican Foreign Direct Investment, agency, CINDE (


Dr. Gabriel Rodríguez, Ph.D.Director of Global Strategies
Universidad Fidélitas
San José, Costa Rica

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