U. Fidélitas

June 2022 – Entrepreneurship Program Vision and Objectives: 

Fidélitas, Strategy: 

Fidélitas University’s strategic plan contains extremely important chapters totally focused on our students.

The three fundamental strategic points are:
  1. The development of STEM skills in our students so that they can develop innovative projects. These skills are team building, collaborative problem solving, project management, and others.
  2. To create spaces for students to use their ingenuity to create projects, we call this Think Tanks.
  3. To create a mindset in our students focused on the development of entrepreneurship.

Fidélitas, entrepreneurship program: 

At Fidélitas we are very focused and interested in developing in our students a sense of challenge and a vision in which they can develop their own businesses or improve the companies they work for.

Our reality in Costa Rica, led us to understand that entrepreneurship is key to achieving this fundamental purpose.

Therefore, we proposed a formal process to develop an “Entrepreneurship Program” for all our students.

In this program we will be able to develop main objectives, such as, collaboration with other institutions to develop entrepreneurship education programs, to develop knowledge in the entrepreneurship field and to work together with other institutions to know their latest projects on entrepreneurship and their good practices.

We want to emphasize the added value that this opportunity will generate in our students and will be a great benefit to our institution.


Faculty Development: practice and pedagogy of teaching entrepreneurship and being more entrepreneurial in the classroom. 

Building an Entrepreneurship Education Ecosystem: gain the approach, plan, guidance, and network of support needed to develop a high-impact entrepreneurship education ecosystem within their institution. 

Entrepreneurship Pedagogy Bootcamp: unlocking Educator and Student Potential – a deeper understanding of the science of experiential learning in an entrepreneurship education context. 

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