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5 07, 2017


By Isaac Cohen* The two main indicators monitored by the central bank have behaved differently, during the nine years of moderate, but sustained US economic reactivation. While unemployment, at 4.3 percent in May, has emphatically decreased toward full employment, inflation has been more reticent, at 1.4 percent in May it [...]

23 05, 2017


OVER $50 052317 By Isaac Cohen* The announcement last week to extend the agreement to cut oil production by Russia and Saudi Arabia, first and second world producers respectively, was enough to push crude prices over $50 per barrel. It also contributed to the price increase the fact that, [...]

18 05, 2017


SILK ROAD RECONSTRUCTION 051617 By Isaac Cohen* Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross proudly announced last week the achievement of a 10 point trade expansion agreement between China and the United States. Briefly, China will terminate the ban on meat imports of US beef and it will allow access to the [...]